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You Are #6:
More Music for Six Musicians

Blue Note 33231, 2001

Produced by Don Byron
and Hans Wendl

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"Byron's clarinet is at once ancient and modern... His circuitous, unxexpectedly jumping lines are stamped with his harmonic knowledge and melodic invention, informed by Bach and Schoenberg, Armstrong and Trane. And his rhythmic sense is sharp: He can make any two notes dance... As a composer, Byron is eclectic, thoughful and provocative, usually with a political or social agenda. [You Are #6 is] an album that is wide-ranging, effective and shot through with knowing, releasing humor. It's one of the best albums I've heard this year."
– The Nation
"Clarinetist and composer Byron has a knack for addressing varied genres in both celebratory and extended ways. Whether dealing with klezmer, cartoon music, arias, or, on this album, percussion-fortified Latin music, he is full of brainy delights. As expected, the path is winding, framed by a hip read on Mancini's "Theme from Hatari" and DJ Spooky's remix of Byron's swaggering "Belmondo's Lip.""
– Entertainment Weekly

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